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Kringlan Gift Cards

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Gift Cards

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Looking for something for a colleague’s milestone birthday? Pooling funds with friends for a present? Or are you simply having trouble finding that perfect gift? If so, a Kringlan Gift Card is the obvious choice. Kringlan Gift Card are attractive and easy to use - and you can be sure your present will be appreciated.

Purchase your Kringlan Gift Card from the Customer Service Desk on the 1st Floor (next to Hagkaup). Gift cards are available in denominations from 3,000 to 100,000 crowns. Kringlan Gift Cards can also be purchased online and sent by registered post with your greeting. This service requires payment by credit card.

Gifts for personnel?

Rest assured that your company personnel will love receiving Kringlan Gift Cards, knowing that they can choose the gift they want from Kringlan’s wide selection of shops. Order your Gift Cards from the Kringlan Customer Service Desk by sending an email to thjonusta@kringlan.is with the name and ID number of your company and the number and value of the gift cards you wish to purchase. We will send you payment details on receipt of your order. For bulk orders of 20 or more Kringlan Gift Cards, please contact our Office Manager at jonina@kringlan.is.

Kringlan Gift Cards are e-Cards made out to the bearer and can be used just like debit cards. They are valid in all of Kringlan’s shops. Sales booths do not accept Gift Cards. Kringlan Gift Cards cannot be cashed in or paid into a bank account.

Kringlan Gift Cards are valid for three years from the date of purchase. Go to Kringlan’s home page for details of how to access the balance remaining on your card.


Check card's status

To check the balance of your Kringlan e-Gift Card, type in the number on the Card. Click here to check your balance


Do you have an older Gift Card

If you have an older Gift Card, bring it to the Kringlan Customer Service Desk on the 1st Floor (next to Hagkaup) and exchange it for a new e-Card so that you can continue using it in Kringlan‘s shops and eating places.

How to buy your Gift Card

Kringlan Gift Cards can be purchased from Kringlan’s Customer Service Desk. You can also buy a Gift Card online and ask for it to be collected from the Customer Service Desk or sent to any address within Iceland.

Purchase a Kringlan Gift Card

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Kringlan is the largest shopping centre in Reykjavík and the second largest in Iceland. Here you will find over 170 shops, restaurants, a cinema and a theatre. You’re sure to enjoy Kringlan’s warm and relaxing environment, and you’ll always find a parking space!

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